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80 % of the women suffer from cold feet and not only during winter! The temperature of your toes can go down to 8 degrees!

Reduction of body temperature and even cold feet causes bladder infections, abdominal disorders, stomach and intestinal disorders, and even an increased susceptibility to yeast infections and to serious circulation problems.

The Thermo
Slippers have
3 different temperature levels with
34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and
44 degrees C.
Did you know?

Cold feet can be dangerous. According to a Study of the Cardiff University in Wales the relation between cold feet and catching a cold is proven.

This problem can be solved with heated house slippers, like the THERMO SLIPPERS.

Read more about this topic in the medical statement from Dr. med Kommer from Wolkersdorf.

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By the way...
This winter, do your feet a favour.

Keep them warm even on the coldest winter day with
Thermo Soles,
the world's first wire-free rechargeable heated insoles.

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Here, you can find letters we received from customers about the Thermo Slippers.

Michalis Lachanas (from January 20, 2016)
Dear Tanja,
Today i received my Thermo Slippers,after only three working days in Greece!
They are very beautiful and realy warm,especially in the red potition!
My toes now are realy warm like never before!
I aim to buy and your thermosoles with the remote control in the short future..
Best regards
Michalis Lachanas

Jessica Winter (from November 18, 2015)
Good day!
I work outside in the fresh air a lot because I am an animal trainer. The slippers are very practical when I come home chilled to the bone with cold feet from work. They are very warm and cuddly.
With best regards, Jessica

Sybille Frank (from November 14, 2015)
Hey! I ordered the fleecy slippers from you. They are great! I tend to get bladder infections and I believe that I will get my problem with cold feet under control with these slippers.  Many greetings, Sybille

Johann Langecker (from November 12, 2015)
Dear Mr. Nowak,
My grandmother suffers from cold feet due to poor circulation. Thermo Slippers were simply the ideal solution! Thank you!


We would love to hear from you! Please write us a review and email it to office@thermoslippers.com

The Thermo Slippers are available now for an introductory price of only 119,-- €.

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